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Round Metallic Object Rotating - Spring, Texas

Report: 1853

April 12, 2024

1:24 PM CST in Spring, Texas. I was in my backyard. Weather was perfect. Bright sun, clear blue sky. I was looking up at my red maple trees & realized I could see the crescent moon. I took a picture of it with my phone. A few seconds later I caught a glimpse of something in th sky glinting sunlight. As I focused my eyes on it I saw a small (grain of sand size) round metallic object. It was hovering. The entire object was also rotating in my direction, but not changing position at all. As it rotated the sun was glinting off it’s surface so I realized it was metallic. I did not see any wings, rotors, or exhaust. The object made no sound. As I swiped on my phones screen to go from photo to video mode, my phone, which had been at 50% charge went totally dead. Just a black screen so I was unable to get video or a photo of the UFO. I literally cried over this.


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