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Cigar Shaped Object - Amarillo, Texas

Report: 1910

July 15, 2015

Driving south tradewinds in Amarillo, Texas to work at Dow Corning about1 1/2 miles south of I-40. About 6:30 am. Trying to eat while driving. This object, gun metal gray is in the sky, southwest direction, appeared to be approximately 2 miles away. Moving slowly right to left. No letters, no lights. Long shaped. Between holding thumb and index finger about 1 1/2 inch apart. Not a small object. Shaped like a cigar, not fat. I just saw a object on documentary that was closest to what I saw. I'm yelling at wife to get phone camera on. I couldn't pull over, crowed traffic. By time she got it on the trees started blocking view. I was pissed. Got to see the object a good 10-15 seconds. Clear as day. Weather was sunny clear. Never expected this. 1st time ever. It was there. No sound or propulsion exhaust.


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