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UFO Report from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Report: 1914

June 25, 2019

Walking by Sea Spray Inn in Fort Lauderdale with a friend when we see a big yellow light in the sky emitting a red gas coming out of it. It was thin like gas coming out of the bright yellow light. The yellow light then had another yellow light come from behind and went fast towards the right (going east). Both lights then disappeared. Me and my friend then proceeded to walk more east towards the beach when then we saw another 2 yellow lights this time closer to ground, then both disappeared again. Both times the lights seemed sort of close but far somewhere out there in the stratosphere. I tried filming it, but the video did not come out clear on my camera I think it was because I had a messed up phone case and my friend filmed it on Snapchat and sent it to some friends and could not retrieve it after the event occured unfortunately


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