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UFO Report from Iola, Kansas

Report: 1918

June 7, 2024

We were a group of 5 family members at Iola, Ks. It was 8:19 PM on June 7th, 2024. We were watching our Grandchild’s Baseball game. It was a clear evening with very few clouds. I videoed a very bright white orb in the sky over the Ball field. It was pulsing and changing shape in the sky. Orb to tic-tac to cloaking (orb changed to a clear glass orb) with an orb outline but could see through it . And then back to pulsing white. These changing forms were a fraction of a second and couldn’t be seen except by slowing my video later. But the oddest surprise is when a slowed down the video, you can see a dark cigar shaped object flying around the orb and it even curled around upside down. Extremely fast and was not even noticed until I slowed down the video. Orb was visible for about 30 minutes. Then disappeared. Orb was moving slowly but cigar shaped image was flying by the orb extremely fast.


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