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Kansas UFO Reports

Stingray-Shaped UFO
October 5, 2023 - Lawrence, Kansas

8:15pm; sighting of stingray-shaped object, opaque but certainly not a cloud flying southwest at a rapid speed. Perfectly quiet. Looked almost like a bubble in glass, or a funhouse mirror as it traveled across the sky. Thought perhaps it could be a strange flock of birds in tight formation but can’t figure out what kind of bird travels at night like that. View Report

UFO Report #: 1408
March 2, 2023 - Great bend, Kansas

Standing in my back yard looking west I saw 4-5 dim amber lights in a uniform diagonal line moving from the north to the south really fast, about halfway across the sky the bottom two to three lights started to change formation then it was out of sight, it took 5 seconds or less to go all the way across the sky. This happened at about 8:19. Also was only about the size of one joint of my finger with my arm extended. View Report

UFO Report #: 1394
March 1, 2023 - Iola, Kansas

Last night I walked from my house to Dollar General and seen two weird lights above a restaurant just hovering when I moved to the right they moved to their right. I went inside of the store, then came back out and it was directly across from my house for about 20 minutes came back into the house to get my binoculars. They were still there went back in my house to get stronger pair of binoculars and came back and they were gone. View Report

UFO Report #: 1329
February 28, 2023 - Hays, Kansas

At approximately 8:15 a white object appeared a little east of our property (346 210th Ave Hays Ks) floating west. It appeared to be elongated not like a balloon and I estimated it was between one to two miles in altitude. View Report

UFO Report #: 1070
February 10, 2023 - Salina, Kansas

Shape shifting being only seen with night vision. View Report

UFO Report #: 273
November 25, 2022 - Newton, Kansas

Around 4:00p.m. today my stepson and I witnessed a cylinder like UFO moving west then south very quickly. We witnessed it as we were driving south on I135 towards Newton KS. The craft was approximately 2 mile above the ground moving west when we noticed it, and then turning south. We witnessed it come out from a single cloud in the region...No other clouds were close to it. It was a circular cylinder craft and its color was bright chrome like. After it came from the cloud, it first went west for approx. 2 minutes, then turned south and completely disappeared. This craft had no exhaust, fire or sound coming from it...Only a extremely bright, chrome like reflective brightness radiating from it. I only hope that somebody else around has seen this other than myself and stepson. Thank you View Report

UFO Report #: 1400
August 1, 2014 - Fort riley, Kansas

While working on duty as a Military Police Officer, I noticed a triangle shaped UFO flying over the Fort Riley Training Area. While working as a Military Police Officer on night patrol. I was driving my patrol car east on McCormick Blvd heading to historical main post in Fort Riley, Kansas. As I was driving by the baseball fields on my left hand side, I could see a big, triangle object in the sky. I was driving at speeds of approximately 25mph and noticed no clouds in the sky throughout the night. The stars were very bright and easy to see even inside the vehicle. This triangle shape craft was approximately 1/3 mile wide, by 3/4 miles long in size. The craft was heading North East in direction while I was heading straight east. I pulled over in the McCormick Park parking lot where I got out of the patrol vehicle and saw the back half of the craft flying very slowly over the hills just to the North of the park. I went to call up to the dispatch office of any aircraft training tonight. I quickly regressed due to possible ridicule from other officers. I drove to the air field just out! side of historical main post to see if any training flights were being conducted. The entire airfield was closed with no activity of aircraft missions being conducted. I have only told my wife and my father this story. Since I am now out of the Army, I figured now is the time to say something. This object couldn't have been human made. It was completely dark with no visible lights. I could see the shape and movement based on the craft blocking out the stars. I'm still not sure what I saw. But to this day I'm terrified of its size and how low it was to the ground. No noise was recognized from the craft during this incident. View Report

UFO Report #: 1117
February 13, 1974 - Wichita, Kansas

A large, silent, low and slow flying triangle flew over my dad's house while myself and 2 friends from the neighborhood observed it above us. We were apx 12 or 13 years old. It was late enough in the evening that the sky was lit by the moon and many stars were visible. This thing was much darker than the sky and totally blocked out the sky and stars above it. The date I entered is not correct. I honestly don't know the date. It was warm outside and I think the year is pretty close. I've confirmed my memory owith one of the two friends...I don't know how to contact the other guy. Anyway...I can't help thinking about the event often... especially now when we have no idea what's being shot down by our government. View Report

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