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UFO Report from Essington, Pennsylvania

Report: 1919

April 11, 2024

Walked out my front door & saw a bright purplish blue light hovering in the air over the Delaware River. It seemed to be observing aircraft as they were descending to land at the Philadelphia International Airport. It observed the airplanes from as close as a few feet from their wing and as far as 20 yards away in both directions. The closer it got to the airplane, noticed it had no effect on its flight trajectory being that the UAP approximately 5ft in length & 1ft in width. The UAP descended down into the River & swam around showing a light that spinned around the top of its head. Then it rose up to the rivers River surface & spun around laterally & descended back into the river again and seemed to swim around in different directions with the light spinning on its head. Then it floated up in the air again quickly as another airplane approached. I took 2 hours of footage and got solid evidence of what occurred. I started filming from my driveway And as I got comfortable with what was happening, I moved closer and got to within 20 yards of it at the rivers edge. During the video you can hear me talking to a passerby about what I was recording and how I never seen anything like that before. I am certain that the pilots of the airplanes saw what I’m talking about. When I got home, I did some research and on YouTube I saw that there were two other similar sightings. One was in Hawaii on the news, and the other was in Scottsdale on the news. So I decided to make a YouTube channel to show my video. While I was trying to create a profile picture for my new YouTube channel, I paused at different points in the video and took screenshots of this bright light. I saw a figure inside the light with a face body legs etc. After combing through and watching the video a few times it was obvious Image there was something changing its image several times. At some point, the image looks like (I don’t know what to call it ) a duck man. Other points it looks like some kind of a Birdman in a space suit Standing on This platform that allowed it to spin around on top of the Delaware river and possibly fly. I say possibly fly because I don’t know if that’s what allowed it to fly and only have one picture of this platform. It was moving really fast at that point I believe that if someone looked at my video that understands time and speed and movement from fix points that they would be able to see that this is not a hoax. This is something other worldly I can explain It kept changing its image throughout the video multiple times and at certain intervals, it looked like an alien you would see on TV. Other times it look like other creatures that I’ve never seen before. It’s just really odd. I believe that I captured the most important video evidence that’s ever been captured in this category. I know that’s a bold statement but when you walk out your front door early morning to go to work and you record what you saw in the sky with your iPhone, you have nothing to hide. I welcome any professional to view my footage and review it to authenticate it.


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