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UFO Report from Anchorage, Alaska

Report: 1929

June 17, 2024

June 17th 2024 , Monday, between the hours of 1-4am. A light in the sky caught my eye. It was a simple white light seemed nothing more than a plane at first. I proceeded to watch it as I sat next to the fire in my backyard, Anchorage. As I watched it many things came to mind which I then asked the 4 other people around me if they were seeing what I was seeing. It looked almost like a fogged out plane in some clouds but the sky was clear on this early morning. As we watched , it slowly disappeared into the sky until there was nothing more to see of it. We all continued to watch the sky and a single light popped up in the exact spot that I first noticed the light. No other lights around , we couldn’t see any other stars. Just the single light that popped up after the event we all witnessed.


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