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UFO Report from Lone Pine, Pennsylvania

Report: 585

May 22, 1992

I’ve never told anyone except my wife about my sighting so hear we go. I lived in semi rural Pennsylvania south of Pittsburgh. I was in 5th grade. I’m now 41. At the time I was 11. Anyway I was having some weird things happening for quite a few weeks leading up to my experience mainly hearing something walking on the roof and seeing ghost like things I can’t explain. But during these several weeks of unexplained things I woke up every night between 3-4am to use the bathroom. Not sure why just what was going on. On the night of my sighting I woke up to use the bathroom and noticed the inside of the house was being lit up and then it would go dark the only way I can explain it was like a disco ball. When I got up to use the bathroom the was some sort of craft in the front of my house I could see the base it was V shaped but I could only see very little. At the bottom of the V was this light that was spinning at a very slow speed but the way it spun to this day I can’t explain. The light was not bright enough to hurt you eyes it was a bright fluorescent light but not hard to look at. The way the ball at the bottom of the craft was spinning had this wobble to it and when it would spin every crack of the house would be lit. At the time the home was a double wide home and my mother slept with her door shut and I shared a room with my brother. No one woke up. When I seen this I remember standing in the bathroom trying to figure out what I’m the hell is outside. Do I yell run what. I just stayed calm and walked fast to the bedroom hurried up got in bed and I remember the lights going on for at least another 10-15 minutes. I fell asleep at some point and to this day it has haunted me. What in the hell was it. This sighting was within 30ft. That light will never leave my brain. I know this story sounds crazy but I just wanted to get it off my chest. I lived in the country but had very close neighbors. No one ever said anything about sightings. I’ve kept this inside for years. The location was Lone Pine, Pennsylvania south of Washington Pa.


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