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Bizarre Lights in the Sky - Wasilla, Alaska

Report: 1817

March 31, 2024

I have observed bizarre lights in the sky, over Wasilla, Alaska, for approximately four weeks. The lights may appear to be unusually bright stars if one briefly glances at the night sky. However, the lights are not singular,they all have the same luminosity/color/configuration. Furthermore, they maneuver in rapid circles, S-curves, zig-zag patterns, and hover. Extraordinarily, when they perform a zig-zag maneuver they appear to blur, and move in every direction (it is disorienting to watch) before traveling on a particular path (almost like superposition). I served as an EW in an aircraft carrier battlegroup, so I have seen a lot of air platforms at night. Nothing I have ever seen looked like this. Additionally, I am educated, and familiar with astronomical objects, as well as average space platforms (satellites, the ISS, etc). Another person witnessed these, also. Last night, I counted eight of them, surrounding the area I live in, all performing impossible maneuvers.


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You aren't crazy. Check out my twitter @allseeing00 i record them every night.

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