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Orb Sightings

Reports on this page include orbs in their description. If you've seen an orb, please document your report by clicking "File a UFO Report" at the top of this page.

2024-06-03 - Cromwell, Minnesota

I was up late and my cat was hungry. I'm at my kitchen sink washing her bowl and I glanced out my kitchen window and noticed strange lights above the tree top levels. They were 2 white orbs. I grabbed my phone and recorded it. It was 3:30 a.m. It was in the western sky. As I looked back at the video I noticed some strange things happening with the orbs. The larger orb looked like it was looking for something in the sky. Then out of nowhere a small white light appears and speeds off at a break-neck speed.

White Orb Video

2024-05-31 - Tuba city, Arizona

I was dropping off my dad’s food at his work and around 10pm, my dad and I saw an orb in the sky. It was going slow at first but then started to speed up. I started recording and when I zoomed in, it looked like the shape of a pill and towards the end of the video it was spinning then disappeared.

2024-05-30 - West jordan, Utah

As I was at the West Jordan Costco pumping gas, I looked up at the sky. It was around 11 am. I noticed what I though was a group of white birds, assuming they were seagulls until I noticed just how high in the sky they were...with a plane flying under them. As I was watching, I saw them act out of character for birds. They were white circles the more I observed them. They made patters that were linear, then circular, then a v, then linear and a circle again. I looked away for about seven seconds when the gas pumped stopped. When I looked back...the sky was completely clear and void I'd anything for miles. The orbs had completely disappeared. Hours later, I remembered seeing one of the Army black helicopters flying low and slow not too far from there about 30 minutes before seeing the orbs. I remember the helicopter because they normally fly higher and faster, and I thought it strange. I don't know if the two events were related.

2024-05-30 - Flushing, Michigan

Orange pulsating Orb that appeared to phase in and out. In the end the orb appeared to fly straiht up and vanished.

2024-05-12 - Ellenton, Florida

Driving home in Ellenton FL around 11:45 pm, see a very bright green orb, very circular, no tail, speeding very fast from high in eastern sky to low in western sky. It looked very large compared to pictures of orbs I have seen . It took my breath away.very well-defined margins, not blurry.Color almost citrusy green.

2024-05-12 - Tampa florida , Florida

Around 11:30pm-12:00am me and my partner were on the road, i am about to turn into a parking lot heading north up in the top right of the sky we see a very close and big bright white orb shooting downwards to the ground. it had a white light trail that traveled bery closely to the orb and went away as the orb wizzed out of view, again this orb was shooting so fast in a downwards direction and disappeared out of view within a second. very strange and i have never seen any human transportation or vehicles of flight that looked like this white egg like orb

2024-04-22 - Lewiston, Idaho

I seen a bright colorfull orb moving erratically in the sky. I pulled out my s 22 ultra and it showed very colorful orb moving around.


2024-04-02 - Richmond, Texas

@ about 920pm, Richmond, TX, in the back yard with my dogs and looked up and saw 4 copper colored orbs streak from around Orion, over the back of the garage, loop about 3/4 of a circle over the house and disappear after flying over a few neighbor's houses. When they first appeared they were in a triangle pattern with an extra long side and resembled kinda copper light sticks then they quickly became 4 separate orbs flying in sync connected by light of a lighter copper shade first in a diamond shape then they kept changing formation and the orbs also pulsated in brightness as they changed the shape of the formation they were flying in, it or they were always in sync and the brightness of the color was changing but not the color itself. They even disappeared in sync but not all at the same exact time, if that makes any sense. I didn't get any video or photos because I was standing there with my mouth all agape going holy crap that a ufo! To even think to use the phone I had in my hand!

2024-03-26 - Bellport, New York

Multiple orb sighting. I was inside the house my cousins seen orbs all over the sky in Bellport NY. I went outside and I also see two other orbs floating in synchronization they flew towards each other, then slightly missed paths.

2024-03-25 - Newmarket, New Hampshire

At 0630 in Newmarket, NH while driving west on Grant Rd at 43.06107003675696, -70.98820790958024, there was a tight, all touching each other cluster of bright orbs of different independent colors (white, red, blue and yellow) forming a large combined cluster into a slightly oblong round object (picture a bunch of balloons on strings held by one person). I should have stopped my car in the middle of the road to take a picture, but didn't thinking if I sped up I would get closer. This cluster was WNW of me approximately a half mile away. If I have the distance correct, it was a few hundred yards wide, and each orb was approximately 50 to 80 feet in diameter. I caught another glimpse of it thru the trees directly in front of me when I was at 43.06380931537444, -71.00103642890642. At this point the object was still a half mile in front of me (due West) and very low on the horizon. I sped up even faster (approximately 70 mph) but never saw it again.

2024-03-25 - Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas, we were watching the bats emerge from under the Congress Avenue bridge. A white silent orb in the sky emerged from the west and traveled very slowly over us, low in the atmosphere before blowing out a smoke ring in front of its intended path and then dissipated. I first observed it just emerge into existence at 8:15 and then My Husband and I each captured video. Several people under the bridge near us observed it as well with their naked eye.

2024-03-23 - Millen, Georgia

I caught a large glowing ORB on two blink cameras passing over our home at 12:06 AM. This happens frequently in our area as the events occur within a few seconds. It was not the moon being the Orb/sphere was fully round and the moon does not enter that phase until late next week. I have visual evidence that I can upload as well that shows the Orb versus stationary objects (e.g. trees, lights, and my home structure) to show depth, size, and contrast. I have reported other sightings in our area and several neighbors have collaborated with me on their own experiences.

Video 1 - Video 2

2024-03-21 - Thorndale, Pennsylvania

I have witnessed ships day and night for 3 years. Daytime silver cylindrical ships no wings. When they turn there are red lights. I get their attention and they backup and hover for many seconds. I see 15-20 per day. Clearly not airplanes. At night many hover above my sky. Bright white lights with arms. Two main ones hover above me and follow me as I walk my dog. I never fear them. I was in the Hospital Oct and Dec and one was outside my window both times. I meet with them outside my home above every clear night. I have photos. In addition, twice last year, once walking a path a large bright ORB appeared in front of me lasting only several seconds and then outside my back porch again lasting only seconds. But, last night outside my back porch up higher in sky I witnessed that large white ORB and it hovered back and forth above me but didn't get real close to see anything but light. I watched it for 30 min.

2024-03-10 - Laguardo, Tennessee

I was headed north on Route 109. I had passed Laguardo, TN and was headed to Gallatin, TN. At 11:40 I noticed what I initially thought was a flock of birds high in the sky. As I attempted to identify what type of bird they were, they seemed to have disappeared. I looked again and there they were. It got me curious enough to pull over to take a better look. They appeared to be stationary just a bit left of the highway and high in the sky. I couldn't tell exactly what it was but there were quite a few of them. Maybe around 20 altogether. They were either white or silver and where possibly in the shape of orbs. While remaining stationary in the sky, they did sort of move positions in the large cluster. Because of this, I really didn't think they could be drones. The close proximity to each other and the way they crossed paths, would have surely caused drone equipment to collide. There wasn't a cloud in the sky yet they would all simultaneously disappear and then reappear. This happened several times. There was no sound. I took several pictures but only a couple showed the objects. Unfortunately the pictures really don't answer any of my questions either. Maybe someone else knows what it is. I had to be to Gallatin to meet someone at noon, so I couldn't stick around longer. But they were still there when I left.

2024-03-06 - Stockton, California

I was outside in the back yard recording the cloudy sky, because I had a feeling something would show itself, in the beginning of the video saw a dark ball the moves very fast from upper right then moves rapidly down the upwards to the left which I stopped and the video to take three pictures as it moves across the sky, then moments in the video I saw a bright light orb that moves very fast downwards towards the left of video.

2024-02-27 - Longmont, Colorado

Solid black orb glowing red flew over i25 with another identical orb near the 245 exit. Were rising in elevation, flying higher than drones but lower than planes, made traffic slow down. Were silent and the one on the right was slightly changing direction.

2024-01-08 - Tooele, Utah

Two large lights were side by side in the sky. One light descended downward at angle to an area I have numerous videos of bizarre events happening over the past 5 months. The light came in contact with a multitude of entities. There were alien type entities that came up to the roof of a building and formed, then ascended into the air. I lost sight of the light. I immediately reviewed the video because i had noticed what looked like men on the roof. That is when i seen more clearly the entities that were forming on the roof and that it was not men. I have video that shows everything I said very clearly. This is just the latest in phenomenon I've videoed recently and I feel something ominous is coming as the activity has accelerated and become daily. I also have videos of a green orb that is not, in reality, an orb. It is a creature that glows and eats away numerous items in the sky. I also videotaped a multitude of beings shooting orange and white lights from the sky and the tree. One orange light was directed in my direction from a distance of 100 yards I estimate. I seen the orange light with my eyes and thought it was teenagers throwing something at me because they seen me filming the area. On review of the video I seen where it came from and that they were shooting many times. I am not schizophrenic nor do I have any psychotic tendencies. The images I have are very serious to the safety of all human life I feel. I feel very strongly this should urgently be reported to a federal, or even, a global, government security agency. This is the only contact info I have found to do so. I feel if I report this to local authorities it will be laughed at and never taken seriously or reported to the proper agency. I am aware how absolutely insane this sounds. I have many videos and I cant stress enough that I am gravely concerned and I'm becoming sick to my stomach with worry something bad will happen soon with these entities, demons aliens idk what correct term to use. I also have videos of giant human looking entities as well as creatures that idk what to call.

2024-01-07 - Winnfield, Louisiana

Approximately 2200 hours. I witnessed a very abnormal glowing orb moving fast across the night sky. Just as it got closer it turned back south and vanished.

2024-01-07 - Jonestown, Texas

Driving home about 6:30 or 7 sun hadn't gone down completely yet and I noticed a circle glowing orb in the clouds too far away to see detail my eyes followed it because it didn't look like a plane, because of the glowing light around it, it kept a steady pace then all of a sudden a bunch of lights shot out of it in the direction it was headed, as if it had fired a bunch of shots or it got hit with something, seconds after that it faded into the clouds

2024-01-01 - Pasadena, California

Orb seen in video of B2 Bomber flyover of the Rosebowl today as it was heading south in the last few minutes of the flyover.

2023-12-25 - Manhattan, New York

This was a strange event as I was chilling in my apartment I usually look out the window at night I saw a orb the orb went I'm guessing hypersonic speeds and went up into space in a matter of seconds.

2023-12-11 - Troy, Missouri

About 2200hr I stepped out side stood in front of my garage. I was looking at two bright orbs about 3/4 of a mile away. I watched them for ten or fifteen minutes and went back inside. When I was a small kid growing up watching black and white TV the news would be talking about reports of people seeing saucer ships. The US ARMY AIR Defense is now recommending appointment of a Ambassador to Earths Neighbors. They want the people to stay calm. WE AS A PEOPLE MUST MOVE FORWARD AND TAKE THAT FIRST STEP.

2023-12-06 - Between turpin and holker, Oklahoma

My family and I were driving home from youth group at church. It was a beautiful night and we saw a shape of a triangle in the sky with what looked like orbs. They began moving in different direction and the lights would go away and then they came back. Then a 4th one popped on. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

2023-11-01 - White river city, Colorado

I was on my yearly hunting trip to Colorado, camped by Rio Blanco lake on hwy 64 near Piceance creek road. I had just started to go pee while I was facing southwest and over the mountain came what I can best describe as a squadron of light's. My friend seen it as well we both said what the heck is that. My phone was in my tent I wish I could have gotten a picture, I can say that there were at least 100 evenly spaced lights five wide by 70 or so long, I was talking to my friend and he said maybe it was starlink satellites, and about that time they just blinked out like turning off a light switch. So I finished peeing and went to get my phone and looked up starlink and they orbit in a single file row these were not like that. Its been on my mind ever since. Went on mufon looking to see if any pictures may be on their site none that I could find. I would really like to know what they were?

2023-10-28 - Pfafftown, North Carolina

Small shiny orb traveling southwest to north east at a high rate of speed in bright, sunny weather. A few seconds later, a faint cigar shaped anomaly passed by going in the opposite direction. It then disappeared into the clouds.

2023-10-03 - Norman, Oklahoma

At 8:08pm-8:10pm on 10/03/2023, I witnessed a bright orb of light moving from NNW to SE in the sky in Norman, Oklahoma. It was noticeable because it was the brightness of 10 or 15 airplanes — far, far brighter and larger than any light planet in the sky and larger — and moved at a steady pace and then suddenly disappeared. It had the brightness of 15+ large stars/plants if you grouped them all together. The UFO had no blinking lights like planes do and had no red light like planes do. It was very, very bright. I checked against FlightAware and there were no aircraft moving in that direction in that location at 8:07-8:10. I even videoed airplanes afterward and was unable to replicate what the video of the UFO looked like. In fact, planes are typically not near bright enough to even see in the dark with the camera on my iPhone. They also have blinking lights.

2023-10-02 - Fenton, Missouri

I came outside to smoke a cigarette at roughly 5 am or so and caught a strang looking object in the sky (which at first glance looked like a large star. At first, with the naked eye, it had a cross like appearance. But when I got out my cell phone to video it, it became large, round and moved in a weird way and even pulsated too. It was not the moon, it was not an airplane, it appeared to be orb-like. It was very strange.

2023-10-02 - Scottsville, Kentucky

White orb jetting side to side, up and down or in a pattern like circular or zig-zag.

2023-09-09 - Izmir,

I was looking directly at North horizon in Izmir/Turkey. A group of lights raised from North and moved towards southwest. They were not a lineer line as Starling satellites. They moved to same direction without any order. They were moving like fireflies. Their lights were not strong thus my phone camera didn't catch them clearly. But I saw very clear. I cannot give any meaning what I have seen. Maybe a sattelilite crashed into peaces in space. They were not falling to earth. They just passed over orbit I think. I don't know.

2023-09-08 - Linden, New Jersey

I live in NJ/in 2020 I had just walked out of my local ShopRite store during the day when I happened to glance up in the sky & noticed high up right below some overcast clouds a cluster of what appeared to be from my vantage point a small cluster of dark orbs that were swirling around each other in a erratic fashion/I followed this small cluster of swirling tightly packed orbs that slowly drifted across the sky for about a mile or a half in my car until I got out of my vehicle where i observed them again for a few more mins until one broke off from the cluster going sideways then moving straight up into the sky stopping then turning Star-like bright & then disappearing/about less then a min later the remaining cluster of orbs just simply vanished before my eyes....

2023-09-03 - Cottam, Canada

Bright green short burst of light. Orb shaped with a bit of a tail. Very fast. Went horizontal then vertical downwards for a few seconds and then was gone.

2023-09-03 - Thonotosassa, Florida

I was out back of ranch house, we live open wide Land on the outskirts of Plant City. I was getting some water together to water one of the goats I had to tide out and noticed there was a harvest moon on the left side of the swamp hedge and notice the moon was very pretty so always like to watch the moon when it goes over the swamp. Then I noticed there was a large bright orange light thought it was an airplane because before that it head blue and red lights and it high beam like an airplane does but it had no sound. And it was coming towards the ranch whatever it was did not notice me because we are out in the middle of nowhere and it's so black out there you would never notice anything even a speck of light unfortunately, I have a headlamp that produces 1,000 Candlewood and I use it to walk the ranch do do I have no out lights on the barn. The reason is I like the darkness I can see the stars better at night out there due to the light pollution of Tampa you can't see that stuff anymore, and I noticed it was coming my way so out of curiosity I kill the light and started walking towards the back of the property. And I noticed and said being a large orange object it changed Direction and went right and then instead of being a large ball of Orange it Formed into a line and went straight up very fast and then halfway over the swamp probably 1,000 or more feet up into the atmosphere cannot say how fast or how far it was going in the atmosphere but it was moving pretty good thought it might have been a jet the way it was it disappeared a little bit but I can still see the faint outline of it going up. It disappeared but I can still see a orb around it it reminds me of when the Jets fly over my property all the time during the daytime to break the sound barrier due to the city Folk. Complain about the noise I just enjoy seeing them having fun over my property, and then it just had a blue and red light coming from it and it had looked like a orb or Cloud around it and it kind of turned and head to Lakeland area. It was in a time frame of probably 5 to 10 minutes it felt like watching it but really it was more like three or four minutes. Seen a lot of questionable stuff on the ranch but we are out in the middle of the nowhere so if there's Government testing on planes or something else out in the sky would not be surprised to see it out in the country near Thonotosassa a tree area. Now that I know whatever it is and that phenomenal happens around 11:00 a.m. I will be more Vigilant when watching over the swamp, my aunt said she seen a lot of weird stuff in the 70s over near the swamp area her and I are never bugged out about it but whatever it is it leaves us on and we leave it alone. First I thought it was some kind of meteorite, but meteorites do not go forward and thought it might have been a plane wreck. Gone bad, but whatever it was, hope everybody was ok . Hope to see it again only this time take a picture or a photo so for myself that no to see what it looked like. Thonotosassa watcher

2023-08-19 - Oroville, California

It was around 2:00 thirty in the afternoon. No clouds clear blue sky. Something caught my eye, the best I can describe it was a huge pain of glass shattering. Then a white orb came out and floated across the horizon. It made no nose, it was very strange almost like my mind could not comprehend what my eyes were seeing. This happened in Oroville, CA.

2023-08-17 - Mayodan, North Carolina

Two white orb’s floating above my home. I took 3 live photographs with 3 second video with each photo. The photographs clearly shows extraterrestrials floating around the orb’s. I photographed this encounter 12 days after the last encounter, which I reported to you concerning the August 5, 2023 encounter. My name is James Stilwell and this is my 39th encounter in the last 3 years. Each encounter was photographed with extraterrestrials in the majority of the photographs. I also have reported to the Rockingham county, NC authorities all encounters and have shown the photographs to them. They told me that they had no jurisdiction over this and then suggested that I could sign a NDA. What a shame, that their vehicles have printed on them, to serve and protect, and in God we trust. Please also read the article with the Grey area news titled ufo observer reports sightings with photographs to Rockingham county authorities. Please include this report as another encounter that I’m requesting an investigation by someone who has the experience somewhat comparable to myself if that’s possible. In a world with such dishonest people, I now understand that my intellectual property will never have value, but I say unequivocally that in an honest world that it should be worth billions. I have approximately photographed 500 Extraterrestrials with dozens of their crafts, I feel blessed and cursed at the same time. Thanks for your interest in peoples reports. Please prey for the dishonest people in our government, our lives and safety are at stake and our government lies with every breath to conceal their knowledge of the truth about these entities and their technology. I’m a former US Navy veteran, NAS Fallon Nevada. Area 51 is a beautiful place.

2023-08-05 - Mayodan, North Carolina

Two orbs floating about 100 feet above my home. I photographed them at 9:11 pm. I took 4 live photographs which clearly shows numerous extraterrestrials in the photos. Also was witnessed at Farris memorial park 4 days later by 4 police officers and 2 citizens. This information is on the NUFORC report index for NC. This encounter photographed occurred in Mayodan nc. This is my 38th encounter since 2020 and I photographed each encounter with extraterrestrials in the majority of the photographs. Please also read the article with the Grey area news titled ufo observer reports sightings with photographs to Rockingham county authorities. I wrote that article to share the truth with everyone. These reports will never cause our government to tell you the truth, but you just read the truth from myself. US Navy vet James Stilwell, I am not a coward like most people, people need to wake up and educate themselves instead of saying they don’t exist, just read the Bible and then you have the truth about this over and over again.

2023-07-27 - High springs, Florida

On July 27th approximately 11:46 pm , Driving North on SR 47 from Lake City, Fl towards Gainsville, Fl. After passing Fort White, Fl, I noticed a Red Orb while on my left side, I thought it was strange, when I looked again the Red Orb dissolved and disappeared. Hoping you have information.

2023-07-04 - Sherwood, Arkansas

Saw 3 instances during neighborhood fireworks display. Blue pulsing orb hovering then moving quickly to the left just above treeline, then disappearing into thin air. The 2nd time I saw it, it zigzagged right through a big fireworks explosion. This happened in about a 20 minute time frame while the fireworks were going off.

2023-07-03 - Chicago, Illinois

This event took place everyday at Rainbow Beach everyday I would take my kids swimming at around 2pm we would always see a dark object in the same location so I knew it wasn't a balloon or other man made object it seems as if over the park and lake front its like a ufo highway. I've witnessed orbs trailing each other and other objects passing over head.

2023-05-26 - Murphy, North Carolina

05:00 Dark burgundy orb. Fast moving, West to East. Directly overhead, Murphy, NC. No blinking lights at all. Elevation seemed to be very high due to clear visibility at speed.

2023-05-13 - Perry, Florida

At approximately 2300 hrs while walking my dog tonight a very bright large amber colored single light was in the western skies about 20 degrees from top of pine tree's in Keaton Beach,Fl.caught my attention.The orb was so bright it was the brightest light in the sky tonight.I've never have seen anything like this.

2023-04-04 - Davenport, Florida

Lights that show up across the lake one to the left one to the right manipulation of a cloaking device I would say cuz the pole that's supposed to be there is not supposed to be there it's actually a pole saying light pole to a shipping tractor trailer yard which is a good football field from me to their fence the lights are now light that shows up every night and leaves in the morning very slowly to know prevail why is the street light pointed to the lake this way instead of in the yard where the tractor trailers stay at at night this is a secured area and no civilian can get in it is off of sandhill road in Davenport Florida 33837 off of highway 27 North.. I've seen and captured extraordinary orbs silver metallic even during the day it would be hiding in the bushes and it's very clear it is not coming from any vehicle I've just beaming in the sunlight a reflection I mean I had taken a video of a guest the last video that I've ever done of filming these things which I've got it a picture of. Wear it this energy had taken over my tripod to try to get a still video capture of it it was like a metallic Wing looking black spider look at thing with the silver balls behind it you can very well clearly see that there was a line going all around like a cloaking device I want to say of a line going all the way around including where this pole light shows up in mid-air it is sitting there you can see it in the picture that I have saved I have a ring doorbell that is picked up and unusual light that came in to the left and sat in the trees across the lake and came down in the mix of the tree down and then disappeared I wish that somebody would be and the know of this because it seems like I'm the only one that knows about it I don't want to seem like I'm a cook I'm A sound mind of body and I moved in here in April and I didn't understand why there were lights being pointed across the lake this way by the third night I got curious when I walked down I seen two looking headlights and the manipulation going on in the light it wasn't bright but it it kind of moved inside of itself then there was a starlight looking I call him one of his cronies sitting hovering over the lake by your mind's eye you tell that something weird really is going on here. It was a guy that parked up on a hilltop and comes home every night sits there all night for security reasons well for my vantage point there is a huge oak tree in the way but there is a spot in the tree line of the oak tree that I could see this light from my doorstep every night there's even one picture that I took at night that things that they were around including the fence that are parked at this thing was one huge light with its star like buddy next to it there's no cropping of the pictures I've taken there's no manipulation only zooming in I have gotten other things that are out of this world on my phone in my Google pictures. I wish to somebody that's in this genre of somebody to come out and do some covert ops. I feel alone. I'm telling anyone about what I see cuz they think I'm crazy if it means somebody to come out to my residence drop me an email and I will gladly do so and go over the particulars.

2023-03-08 - Wilmington, North Carolina

Second time ive seen this. Driving south on hwy 17 just north of wilmington nc and far away in the SE sky i see a "contrail burst" all of a sudden a sharp change in the direction and i think im going to watch a crash, sudden direction change again OVER the contrail. Turned on a dime! (the people inside would be pudding) Then acceleration like nothing ive seen before away from its contrail and gone in a blink. I continue driving south watching the sky and a bright possibly silver sphere is there and gone. Same sighting 6 mos ago or so but no sphere. I pulled off the road 6 mos ago to watch it because i seriously couldnt believe what i was seeing and thought something was crashing. I have a still shot from the first event which im trying to locate. Whatever happened was well south of wilmington possibly over brunswick county, pretty high up. sorry its not more technical. "Damnit Jim, Im a gardener , not a rocket scientist" hope this is useful. 2) amber orb 2016 wilmington nc- following an aircraft, blinked out.

2023-03-08 - Otter lake, Michigan

Orb type of UFO' Or type a UFO's about 3 o'clock in the morning Coming out of the East And there's 5 of them Watch them for about 45 minutes And my wife even saw him on our monitor but I wasn't recording though.

2023-03-06 - Ft myers , Florida

White orb turning red speeding east to west very fast. Maybe a meteor? Don't know.

2023-02-27 - Cancun, Mexico

On 2/27/23, an orb was witnessed pushing a small cloud in Cancun, Mexico 7:53pm.


2023-02-26 - Nashville, Georgia

I seen one solid white light moving across the sky from West to East much slower than a comment and an asteroid, but about as fast as the International space Station, so I didn't think nothing much about it . About 5 minutes later there was another solid white light that followed a similar path, so I thought to myself, this is weird, and as I was on the phone my friend, I let him know what was going on, and about the time I was telling him about the second one, a third one showed up going from north to south. That is when I got off the phone to make this report. All lights were outside the Earth's atmosphere but you could tell that they were inside our orbit.

2023-02-26 - Limestone, Maine

A bright light from an object emitting its own light, traveling through the sky towards the ground and a flash. Ring doorbell and other cameras caught the event.

2023-02-25 - Mead, Colorado

1:20am in Mead, Colorado.- White flashing orb moving across the sky - not a satellite, not an airplane. I got a good video - speaks for itself.

2023-02-25 - Cincinnati , Ohio

Kids saw 3 orbs I saw two.. with binos. 2 holographic/plasma orbs stationary @ approximately 30k feet? They then slowly moved toward each other did a maneuver and went about a mile before disappearing. A strange light low cloud cover/Vale was present during the sighting and then was gone as well. I witnessed a very high plane seconds later so I know we didn't see a common aircraft.

2023-02-21 - Benavides , Texas

I forgot what day I saw this but it was sometime in November. I was looking at the sky & I saw 2 orange orbs & then they disappeared & formed into 4 orbs & then they formed a square & then disappeared. It was a weird encounter.

2023-02-17 - Chisago city, Minnesota

I am seeing fleets of small orbs in clouds and large triangular shapes in clouds during the day. Today and throughout the last week.

2023-02-17 - Flushing, Michigan

Objects kept going left and right for the 10 minutes I was watching it. With a flashing red light going in and out. Started watching with binoculars and the object looked like a orb going in and out.

2023-02-16 - Millen, Georgia

Between 11 PM and 12 AM, a series of orbs appeared in the sky. These orbs (about 3-4) were darting back at incredible speeds with no sound. I watched and actually filmed them as they danced around overhead. About 15 minutes later we heard a roar of Jets that attempted to track and keep up with the Orbs. We could see the Orbs darting back and forth while we tracked the Jets via their own lights. I was outside in the front and back of the house at various times watching this occur but it was interesting that when the Orbs came closer to the ground, the peepers that were chirping all became silent. My wife also witnessed this event. This is my second reported sighting within a week, and it may seem unusual to have a this frequency of reporting, but this is actually going on.

2023-02-09 - Corvallis, Oregon

Oregon State in Benton county at 7:10 pm 40 to 50 white orbs traveling from West to East at a high altitude. They appeared just above the atmosphere at a very high rate of speed. They were in a straight line formation and evenly spaced between them.

2023-02-09 - Unknown, Alabama

Flight level 390 30 degrees above the horizon flying east we saw several unidentified flying objects at 11oclock off the nose of the aircraft. Several other pilots were discussing these objects on guard frequency. The objects look like satellites but orbit in various directions. They travel rather fast and group together then appear to spread apart. They come in and out of view.

2023-02-08 - Reno, Nevada

I’ve been seeing this pulsating star like planet in the Reno sky every night I’ve recorded it and have taking several pictures. It seems to go upward while stars are moving down as well as blue orbs

2023-02-08 - 55918, Minnesota

In the early morning 6-7am, Going into the city myself and a witness saw two glowing white orbs in the sky one appeared brighter and the other farther away both moving in an odd manner. The one that appeared seemingly closer moved down towards the other and vanished into thin air while the one that appeared farther away stayed up for 20 more seconds and vanished.

2023-02-07 - Boiling springs, South Carolina

Three ufos flying in a triangular formation over Var-Du-Mar McMillan park. Flew at a steady pace and didn’t make any sudden movements. Disappeared over tree line. I have a video as well. UFOs we’re white small orbs.

2023-02-06 - Mansfield , Pennsylvania

I saw a shiny silver orb above the tree line just off Mansfield, PA exit for north main st. It was just over the trees. I kept my eyes on it and pulled over to get my phone. I looked down long enough to to pick up my phone and it had vanished.

2023-02-03 - Orlando, Florida

These ufo type orbs always appear in one area above the building across from me outside at night. They’re always hovering, but not moving a ton. They will eventually either dim themselves until it is not visible or they will just randomly disappear/ slowly move away and disappear afterwards. I’ve been taking pictures of them a few times this week, but today they had formed a triangle. It is very strange in my opinion; others say they’re airplanes but i doubt it because they seem too still to be airplanes, and too… eye catching. I have seen other airplanes bigger than these orbs fly past it in a faster and more usual speed / area. These just appear daily in the same area… - 9:35 P.M

2023-02-02 - Fence lake, New Mexico

An orb moving south from the northern horizon. Stopping on occasion than moving again to the east before disappearing l have video and 2 people witnessed the event.

2023-02-02 - Hesperia, California

Golden orb we have videos.

2023-02-01 - Lynchburg, Virginia

5:20 am saw a bright blue orb in the sky from my living room window and took a picture. 5 minutes later checked again and it had changed color so I took another picture. It never moved and the the rest of the sky is completely dark with no clouds.

2023-01-23 - east of pryor creek, Oklahoma

It's on going nightly out side of city of Pryor Creek Oklahoma due east of city it hovers above residences in night and switches and changes locations nightly but seems to be working it's way toward the city I would guess that it's abducting as it hovers above location s 6 to 8 hrs every clear night. My house is about 40 houses away I want The air Guard to do something about it I sleep in day it's out of hand that we citizens have this problem it's so close to my home that I won t video it in fear it would come to my home as I plan to have a great war if so I will take an aliens life if someone doesnt stop this saucer I got video footage of craft before it got so close to my home. The reason I don't video is because when I did video it new of my doings when I locked on it it would cloak go invisible and would send some orb invisible orb would lock on my camera and it would seemingly come toward me my lens any way it's aware and made contact with my camera in cloak mode then orb would retract back to location it disappeared from and would transform back to saucer form . Air gaurd needs to handle this or I m going to sabotage when comes my time with extreme fire power as my family is no sheepal or experiment this is f up needs handled or dead alien bodies will be an inedibly be the outcome. How do you keep a grey from mind control do sunglasses work if not what does how to not get mind f ed ? Problem is ongoing right now out my back door.

2023-01-22 - Fort yukon, Alaska

Looked out my window and noticed a bright star or orb looking figure moving around in the sky, it looked like it was getting blown around or something this was at 4:30 am I finally stopped watching it around 540 am still doing same thing. Not sure what it was first time seeing anything like it. Got couple videos of it not the best but it shows it moving in sky.

2023-01-22 - Brier, Washington

7-10 orange white orbs pulsating in the same arc going NE —>SW. Slowly across the sky. No sound, no blinking. Starlink live map showed no starlink trains above. 8:20-8:40 pm approximately in sight behind neighbors house. Looked far away, yet large at the same time. Moved too slowly to be starlink IMO.

2023-01-17 - Las vegas , Nevada

Las Vegas NV. 01/17/2023 22:28 UAP/UFO sighting looking east towards Sunrise Mountain. The color of the orb had an orange glow with a shape of a rectangle. Took video and picture.

2023-01-17 - Fresno, California

Seen 4 orbs that looked metallic with I assumed a reflection of the sun light on it gliding through the sky and going into a storm clouds.. it was 5 miles south of Bakersfield around 3:40 pm over the 99 highway.. my girlfriend and I both witnessed them !! I just can't explain if it was what I actually saw was real.. but it was plain as day!!! I wonder if anyone can help me.. I'm not crazzy!!

2023-01-15 - Spring, Texas

Saw a silver orb/ ball with headlights. Obviously a spherical/ beetle shape in the clouds. At first I was confused, I was at work taking trash out behind the movie theater and I was thinking it must’ve been a plane or a drone. But I’ve never seen something of such this size, like bigger than a truck for sure. And the beams of light coming out of the front were shooting like 30-50 feet through the clouds like they were nothing. It was a thick and cloudy night tonight. Whatever it was was too small to be a plane and too large to of been a drone. It disappeared with incredible speed. I’ve seen this type of siting two different times now in the same month. No way this isn’t a UAP or some sort of military technology. The theater produces a huge amount of light pollution, enough to see for miles around. I believe it’s attracting in/ luring in these UAPs might be Russian or alien. Who knows: either way they’re getting closer.

2023-01-15 - Abingdon, Virginia

Four red orbs rising horizontal in formation repeat for 10 minutes.

2023-01-15 - Watkinsville, Georgia

I saw a silver orb moving across the sky, no trail, no lights. Then it just disappeared out of nowhere. I have texts from that day telling my husband what I saw as well as immediately calling my mother since that’s where I was headed. Now all I’m seeing all over social media is this silver orbs being seen and doing EXACTLY what I saw.

2023-01-14 - Camden, Delaware

I was sitting on the porch and saw a color changing orb in the sky. Suddenly it changed into several more orbs. Then finally grouped back together into one bigger one. This was in camden Delaware. I have photo and video proof.

2023-01-09 - Coram, New York

Falling green orb,north eastern trajectory. No sound 5:30pm.

2023-01-09 - Hamlet, North Carolina

strange white orb was changing shape and traveled in a highly irregular pattern.traveling south/southwest. I spend a majority of my time outside,never seen something so strange.

2023-01-08 - Lecanto, Florida

Bright orb I have photo.

2023-01-07 - El cajon, California

I woke up around 3 am to use the restroom and on my way back to bed I noticed a light outside my window up in the sky. I noticed an orb or light that was luminous changing from blue to green. Then it flew towards the east and 2 UFOs manifested in the sky. one of them was a bright light and you could tell it was triangular shaped by the way the lights lit up going around it. Again, blue and green lights on this sitting perfectly still in the sky. Next to it, was another one but much bigger. This one has orange lights and viewing in on my camera (I recorded this for over an hour) you could see red lights flashing or blinking and again was triangular shaped. It hovered for about an hour until slowly flying away. Anything that big flying that slow, man made, would fall out of the sky and these 2 were perfectly still. I have video and it’s is perfectly clear.

2023-01-06 - N/a, Hawaii

I’m a airline B787 pilot. We were flying at 38,000 ft this morning at approx 1015Z over the Pacific about 1000 miles north of Hawaii. The other pilot and I witnessed on several separate instances, 3 distant and very high altitude lights that looked like stars in the night sky. They would appear out of the darkness in the same spot of the sky, become increasingly bright, and would circle around each other. 2 of them appeared dimmer and smaller than the third, which appeared much brighter. They would accelerate and change directions rapidly at seemingly incredible speeds, then they would fly apart, the brighter one would stop momentarily, and the they would disappear until doing the same thing again a few minutes later. We saw this happen several times. I captured the last “event” on my Ipad video. Proximately 15 minutes after all of this occurred, what I thought was Venus obscured by window post and didn’t think much of it as my view of it was blocked until I move my head. As I looked at what I thought was Venus it appeared to be moving very slowly. Over a matter of seconds it moved away from us to the south and ultimately dimmed as it moved away and disappeared towards the horizon. Initially when I first saw it, it appeared to just a stationary planet until it began its movement. This was not the typical motion of a orbital satellite.

2023-01-06 - Waynesville, North Carolina

At 6:25 am, I was driving west on hwy 74 just passing exit 100 in Waynesville when a bright "orb like" object shot straight down into treeline. It was so fast, impossible to be a plane, jet, or any other aircraft of THIS earth.

2023-01-02 - Seattle, Washington

Looking out my window to the west overhead I look up and see what looks to be an aircraft flying towards the Pacific Ocean, I live right next to the seatac airport and as such know the flight patterns of the planes. To expand the last time a plane flied to the west was when the gentleman stole the aircraft 5 years ago from SeaTac. So I'm viewing this aircraft saying to myself what is he doing, when I get a good look at the aircraft and realize it is not a plane, or anything that I've ever seen for that matter. The aircraft was a golden orb, ovalish and smooth, and was pulsating a deep gold color. It was about 60 to 80 ft in length and had a spike or rudder-like Fin or metal about 20 or 30 ft in length hanging down. The aircraft maintained the speed of a civilian aircraft until it was making its way towards the horizon, upon hitting the horizon The aircraft seem to stop in the distance. This is when it got really weird and I feel very small beholding this. The aircraft started glowing red and burst into red light, like a laser show on the horizon. It's hard to describe what I saw, but it looked like a small star but bright red, Vermillion in color, like a Megatron or pulsar. I've always believed in UFOs but had never seen anything to confirm my beliefs until last night. I am reporting to find out if anybody else saw what I saw last night. I shouted to the other household residence to come see what I was seeing, but they were too short to see over the house next door so we ran to the back porch and by the time that we were out there the lights and all signs were gone.

2022-12-30 - Trinidad, Colorado

I have witnessed these things for weeks now. At 1st I noticed they were orbs in the sky at night. They seem to also notice me. Last night was the 1st time I've seen it in a different form. The form looked like some sort of geometric shape with all sorts of colors. They also were on the ground level looking through my window. They are all sorts of colors and seem to be able to go through any sort of light. When I played the video back I heard strange sounds almost like sonar. When you look at any sort of light on someone's house or even in your house you will start to see the energy get brighter. I am not sure what these are but I do not think the government could make something this sophisticated. What scares me is what are they here witnessing and is this the end of our planet . I am able to get them to engage with me but do not know how to communicate with them do follow me from place to place. I am just not sure if they are threatening or just curious. Even though they are fascinatineeded the more and more they revealed themselves to me the more I get a little terrified.

2022-12-29 - Wayne, Michigan

I have a video of the orbOn my security camera

2022-12-29 - Wayne, Michigan

On my security camera I took a video of an orb moving in front of my house

2022-12-29 - Wayne, Michigan

On my security camera I took a video of an orb moving in front of my house.

2022-12-28 - Goldendale, Washington

Bluish white, pulsating orb. The object had no sound or blinking lights, and moved from west to east over the golf course towards observatory hill, where the orb slowly fade out, north of Goldendale Washington.

2022-12-25 - Lufkin, Texas

I witnessed a shiny, silver colored, round orb in the sky over Lufkin, Texas. When I first saw it, it looked as if it was very far away in front of me and hovering in one spot in the sky. In the blink on an eye, the object appeared to be much closer and the shape appeared more elongated, or tic-tac shaped. It came to a complete stop in the sky, then I watched it vanish very quickly to the right of where I was. As it disappeared it appeared more circular in shape as it did before. This all happened instantaneously and was during daylight hours. There was no sound associated with the object that I could tell. I know it was not a commercial aircraft because I saw a commercial aircraft in another part of the sky at the same time as this object.

2022-12-24 - Chico, California

At approximately 10:30 p.m. Pacific time, I witnessed an unidentified aerial phenomenon 5 miles east of Chico California. The object had an approximate flight altitude of around 10,000 ft. The object appeared to be a orange electrical lightning type circular orb. The object appeared to be about 100 ft in diameter. I was able to view the object from the naked eye as well as using binoculars. The object appeared for about five consecutive minutes in the sky before abruptly disappearing. I attempted to rule out a weather phenomenon as there was no significant weather activity in the area. I also reviewed a flight tracker and only one airplane flight was in the area at the time with a flight deck around 30,000 ft that I was able to view separately with my binoculars after witnessing the phenomenon. I attempted to contact the destination airport to see if the pilot of the airplane was able to witness the phenomenon as well with no luck at getting any kind of definitive response. The object was like nothing I've ever seen before. I attempted to research this phenomenon and the only thing outside of it being extraterrestrial would be a weather phenomenon called ball lightning which I'm still unsure if it was or not as it is a very rare weather phenomenon.

2022-12-22 - West palm beach, Florida

Not sure the exact date - a few days within I was in my backyard around 1 am looking up at the stars and constellations,looking for orbiting satellites like I enjoy doing some nights . I was looking at a mid bright “star” and I saw it start to vibrate, shake back and fourth up and down for a few seconds (under 5) then shoot BACK into space - instantly - I saw a trail of light about an inch or two then it was all gone. I have seen Artemis launch in person and I know how long a rocket can take to travel that distance and I just can’t understand what this was….

2022-12-20 - Ukiah, California

Orb. Woke up because alarm of major earthquake 6.3 magnitude close by. I looked outside and it was strangely bright in distance, i could see movement, i got video of orb with object moving in the center.


Dec 20 2022 2:30 am Ukiah CA 95482

2022-12-16 - Williamsport, Maryland

Driving along a back road with no street lights at 3:30 am, a bright white orb floated directly over the power lines and flew over my car. Extremely bright, and had an odd glow surrounding it.

2022-12-11 - Pine mountain club, California

At approximately 8:40 PM, two of us witnessed two large, orange orbs of light moving across the sky. Because we were on a mountain, visibility was high, and every passing airplane made sound; this did not. The lights were much bigger and brighter than an airplane and it was visible for 2-3 minutes as it passed over the next town. Instead of disappearing over the the horizon, it went up toward the sky until it disappeared. 2 minutes later, it reappeared in the same area it had come from, lower and brighter than before. It floated stationary for 5 or 10 seconds. Then it dimmed out and shrunk to nothing, fully disappearing.

2022-12-09 - Fort benning, Georgia

Large orb of light broke into 5 or 6 orbs, happened around 715pm. All white lights, started to spin in the air. Witnessed by at least 4 of us in the area

2022-12-09 - Glen burnie, Maryland

3 glowing orbs flying north to south in tight triangular formation the orbs aperid to be sub 10,000 feet made no noise and looked like it had no visible craft connecting the dots. About 10 minutes later I noticed a large flying bracket shaped craft flying north west to south east the craft had no visible navigation lights or any strobe and made no noise. I looked at a flight tracker from 22:00 to 23:00 (the time we were outside and watched these events) and saw no crafts on the radar moving in the direction as it crosses paths with a runway for BWI.

2022-12-06 - Lake alfred, Florida

My husband and I were driving from winter haven to Haines city, fl. It was around 1020am with mostly clear skies. I looked up to see a plane with water landing pods moving across our field of vision from left to right. The plane was quite visible. What caught my eye was there was a white orb above the plane not moving and no blinking lights. My husband got a picture of it and when I looked again the white orb had disappeared. There was no particular shape to the white orb except it looked round and no other lights. .

2022-12-06 - Lake alfred, Florida

My husband and I were driving from winter haven to Haines city, fl. It was around 1020am with mostly clear skies. I looked up to see a plane with water landing pods moving across our field of vision from left to right. The plane was quite visible. What caught my eye was there was a white orb above the plane not moving and no blinking lights. My husband got a picture of it and when I looked again the white orb had disappeared. There was no particular shape to the white orb except it looked round and no other lights. .

2022-12-03 - Valley center, California

Late at night I was facing west with my dog looking at what I thought was the moon, but it looked closer and allot brighter and it was white no man on the moon. So I turned and walked about 20 ft. On the deck to the French doors of the dinning room as I put my hand on the knob to go in I happened to glance to my left to see the orb once more and as a did it was zooming in on me at eye level and stopped about 10 ft. From me it was the about as big as a bouncy ball.i jumped so fast inside the door and locked it I couldn't believe it. So I got my phone and went out to take a picture now it was straight up above the house I was scared cause I had to step all the way out And straight up to get the shot but I got it and jumped back inside. IT STAYED awhile and I wasn't feeling like it was extraterrestrial but more like energies it was aware of me seeing it though and did zoom in on me.i felt like it could read my mind , now I was on shrooms that's why I took the picture because my phone wasn't on shrooms and I got the proof I wasn't hallucinating. I then wondered if maybe it was the feds but it wasn't a drone it made no sound but put out a fog not visible to the naked eye. I stayed in and watched dubbed movies with the sound down for the rest of the night

2022-12-02 - Wewahitchka, Florida

Well I really don't know what to say but I've been seeing orbs of light flying over my house for the past year and have no idea what they are. One day there was one that was really close over the trees behind my house. They just fly around then stay in one place and then disappear.

2022-12-01 - Sandusky, Michigan

Glowing orb traveling up the St.Claire River.

2022-12-01 - Lake zurich, Illinois

3 orbs in the sky multiple video and pictures.

2022-12-01 - Shaker heights, Ohio

I was driving SB from west to east while driving on Green Rd, in Shaker Heights, OH, suddenly saw a green orb move across the sky at an incredible rate of speed, no other flashing lights seen on craft.. was out of sight in a matter of 2-3 seconds.

2022-11-28 - Ontario, Canada

Nov 28,2022 10:05pm Niagara region I was driving home from work and when I was coming to 406 QEW highway Ontario Canada . I noticed this bright orb light, it was a very foggy/ cloudy night so no visible stars at all besides that white bright orb. As I was driving forward while taking a video of it Over the birght light passing through it I saw a V type craft hovering with bright white light in the middle and red and green lights on the end side . I was shocked and kept driving and had to focus my eyes back on the road.

2022-11-26 - Los angeles, California

It was around 8:30 p.m. me and my husband were enjoying a movie under the Stars when I happen to look to my right towards the mountain right above the mountain tips were the biggest three bright orange orbs in "..." In a row I had never ever seen anything like it it was not a airplane I see them all the time this was something straight out of a movie I was stund staring at them for about 2 seconds by the third to Fourth second when I was about to tell my husband to turn around and look the orbs descended down to the other side of the mountain like if they knew I spotted them I was looking towards the back end of the parking lot were the dirt trail headed into the mountains...side note this is Not the first time I've seen activity here in these mountains feel free to contact me with any further questions I have written down my views and try to draw a picture in hopes this helps the truth is out there.location Los Angeles national Forest road 39 San Gabriel dam headed towards irwindale California 91702 site: other parking lot coordinates: 34.2414961, - 117.8648780 p.s sorry it took me long to report wasn't shur if it was safe

2022-11-22 - New york, New York

Small bright green glowing orb with wings flying around

2022-11-17 - Santa fe, New Mexico

At 10:20 A.M. in Pecos, NM, I watched a large white orb UFO / UAP travel in a straight line across the sky. There were no clouds in the sky, it was perfectly clear. There were no other airplanes in the sky at the time of the sighting. The orb traveled quickly, leaving no trail, and was faster than an airplane I think. I took two photos as it moved. The object appears like an orb sitting within a disc possibly but it is blurry. There are dark spots equally spaced out in the photo allowing the observer to make out a crude object. In the second photo, the object appears more as a blur, kind of cloudlike. But there were zero clouds out that day. Also, an hour after the sighting, there were 9-10 airplanes out in the sky at the same time, which I found odd being that I usually see 1-2 at a time in my area. They were all leaving significant trails and were moving slowly compared to the UFO / UAP I observed. I am keeping the photos private until I can do some more research. For the rest of the day I felt mentally foggy. I can't stop thinking about what I saw.

2022-11-13 - Brentwood, California

Single Very Bright orb light. It would dim and disappear then get really bright again then turned into 2 orbs then they would dim get bright then it went back to 1 light. It stayed in the same place for a few minutes then disappeared

2022-11-11 - Yuba city, California

I’ve been having multiple sightings in various locations on a regular basis. The vast majority are when I’m looking at the moon. But not always. The most recent of significance was on 11/11/22. I have dozens of photos of multiple green orbs for the past several months. On November 11, however, there was a bright North star that I pulled over to take photos of and it disappeared after a few minutes. I also have photos of another bright Northstar that disappeared similarly from several months ago. Those photos are much more involved in the orbs were moving in the sky. I see green orbs on a regular basis of different shapes and sizes and the dozens of photos remain on my cell phone because I don’t know who to tell about it all. I am highly educated and grounded and am not insane. And I absolutely never believed any of this but I now have no other choice. These things are really happening and they are happening to other people but no one is talking about it publicly. At no time have I felt afraid by the way. But I really would like to know what’s going on so that we can address it in the proper manner.

2022-11-10 - Marion, Kentucky

Ball shape orb flying at high rate of speed. White light flashing in the the middle of it.few minutes later another one flew by at a slower speed going in same direction

2022-11-09 - Benton city, Washington

Red glowing orb or satellite slowly moving from Northeast to Northwest at about 6:45pm.

2022-11-09 - Wauneta, Nebraska

It was a bring starry night, as I looked up I saw what looked to be an orb with a white glow around it. No lights it at first looked like it was very close to me but I kept watching it and it just floated away straight North. Not jolting, just floating so smoothly and no noise. Has anyone else experienced this??

2022-11-08 - Lexington, Kentucky

My husband and I witnessed what appeared to be two bright, highly metallic orbs flying together over Central Kentucky (Bourbon County, KY) at 3:15 p.m., a clear day. They seemed to fly in unison at a high rate of speed and generated no sound or vibration. They also seemed to reflect the sun, making their exact shape difficult to determine but they appeared to be spherical in shape.

2022-11-01 - Bakersfield, California

I was adjusting my tablets position on bench in my backyard for a better view of all the spaceships in the sky because there were more than usual.I wasn't aware that I was recording or that I wasn't recording after that until I went to look at my footage. All I got was the attached video recorded by accident. I had no idea that anything was behind me. I live alone in a locked gated estate with my chihuahua and rarely have visitors. No one was on the property that day and As silly as the anomaly behind me in the video looks, I still have no idea what it was. I just know it wasn't me. I remember specifically going out to move my tablet that day,especially when I viewed the tape that day. I just don't want this to seem like a hoax being that whatever it was that appeared behind looks so weird and ridiculous. At first I thought it looked like someone snuck up behind me and was holding up a cereal bowl or a hat and wearing gloves. Well thats not the case. I even checked my security system tapes to see if someone got in without me being notified. I have several cameras with facial recognition on the perimeter of the property that are always on, but all other cameras were off because I only turn those on if I leave. Nothing, not even a rabbit breached the perimeter that day. Anyway, I'm trying to keep this short and none of this really matters to anyone but me really I guess because what I am reporting is the UFOs directly over my head in the video. Also their activity in the video that I never would have noticed if it wasn't for what I believe to be a visitor who just had to know for sure what I was holding or filming. I would never have thought this if I didn't see days later when re-watching the video and noticing what seems to be a transporter beam in between me and the pine trees about 25-30ft(tops) behind me. I have included the original 22 second video and then the one that I adjusted on an app called power director in order to slow it down and zoom in. I didn't alter or add anything thats not in the original. I only changed the color palet to enhance the anomalies eminating from the ships.There were over a dozen partially visible vessels and cephalopods plus many other anomalies i can't confidently describe in the sky over my backyard that day besides the few noticeable in the video. This is completly normal here for me, especially on cloudy days. But this is the very first time I've ever seen an actual beam that not only physically moved my pine trees but the second one, which I believe was a return trip transport beam of some kind, looks to have penitraded the sky. Or opened up a type of portal hole. So in conclusion I want to say I haven't ever reported anything like this and wouldn't of reported anything if it was just the ships and a strange object appearing and disappearing behind me. I wouldn't believe it myself if it wasn't for the video. I must say on occasion i have thought about being watched. But only because of the uncontrollable amount of ships/Ufos over my house on daily basis. I have orbs fly directly over my house in groups 4-7 days a week. These leave in the morning around 7am or so and return just before dusk. Besides those their are more flying over separately at different times, speeds and altitudes everyday. About 1/2 of those that I notice are disguised as planes 2hen viewing with the naked shaped craft but on camera they are usually an orb, a group of three orbs or a tic-tac shaped craft. Usually white. The planes are some type of hologram. I have thousands of pics and videos of these things.. I may just include a couple of extra images with this report so who ever you are that is reading this can see them. Look I don't know what I'm reporting this for. I don't know who you are. I'm noticably worried and nervous about doing this for all the guessable reasons. I also feel like anyone that reads this thinks I'm crazy. I never truly believed in ufos or aliens at all. Never gave it much thought. Never thought anyone that said they saw one was lying or crazy either.I love Sci-fi space movies,but doesn't everyone? But then coincidentally on thanksgiving day about 4 years ago i was walking my dog and I saw a group of aircraft far off in the distance with the sun reflecting off them flying in my direction spraying a ridiculous amount of chemicals(geo engineering aerosols or whatever, don't get me started). Then one broke formation and in seconds, it went from being to far away to tell what it was to directly above my head. It was a ball of digital fire. It started sputtering. The spray shut off, and it slowed way down changing back and forth from a fireball to just a chrome ball. I thought it was going to seriously crash directly into my house a block away as it swooped down slower just maybe a couple hundred feet away and a few hundred feet up. It was still heading towards the ground. I swear it might have been closer to me then that.Then it fired back up into a strong fire ball and took of. I mean took off at mach speeds. I watched as it disappeared from sight heading straight for the top of Bear mountain which is the only thing between me and Edward's Airforce base and what I've heard is the largest deepest DUMB base in the country. The orb seemed small enough that it would be just the right size for one person in there. I'm still not sure if there is someone in them. I feel they can be both manned or autonomous. Inside i felt at the time that there was someone driving it and for some reason they saw me. Maybe looking for a place to land. It seemed to be sputtering because of a fuel problem.The fire seemed to power it up or only work when its powered up.Also the fire has to be on to ommit the smoke trails. Maybe its not chemtrails they are ruining the sky with? Maybe they just have a really high emissions problem?haha. Long story shorter,that was my undeniable first.I started paying a very little more attention and saw my second one a couple days later. I got very clear pictures of both on my phablet. Thought about reporting but to scared. Showed a couple people(4 in total to this day)but even with the pics no one believed me or cared. Now I see multiple ufos of many different types any time I want to spend five minutes to look but I'm tired of buying more SD cards and its getting kind of old and more upsetting being the only one i know that gives a crap. People won't even look up if you ask them to regardless what for. Maybe thats why I'm writing.Maybe this venting is helping me relieve some stress.It is stressful not being able to find information on the things I now know after that first encounter freed my mind up to accept everything Im seeing and spend a lot of time studying now. I'm currently monitoring the migration directions and working habits of all the cephalopods making the clouds as they fill the sky where I live every day. It's only rained 1/10 of an inch of rain in almost 8 months but there are more cloudy days then there have ever been in this area in my lifetime by hundreds of percent. I'm worried they may possibly be solely responsible for the droughts plaguing many areas all over the world as they seem to eat as many clouds as they make. Its getting late and I just want to get this finished.Sorry this is so long for such a simple ufo report. If I did know you and trusted you, and knew what the final destination and outcome of this report was, I would possibly report more and be more revealing and concise. I just don't know these things.I can imagine not knowing may be a common problem that has a significant effect on the amount of reports being received. I will say that my biggest concern isn't with the abundance of ufos over my house assumably associated with living close to military base. Its not knowing who's flying them, what the hell they are destroying and poisoning the sky with almost every day. Why? And these trails don't just evaporate or disappear. They ruin the sky turning day into night and beautiful blue into what looks like the worst storm you've ever seen is coming. Then the weather says clear blue skies.I mean its horrible.And thats not all that spray does or becomes either,but you probably know more about that then most from reports. I hope this message is legible. I know there are errors. This format and spell check is awful by the way.haha. Thank you for your time. Hope to here back on your evaluation or with any info concerning the attached material. Definitely hope to get the heads up if the men in black are heading this way. Take care and have a nice day.

2022-11-01 - Centerview, Missouri

Around 9:00 pm on Nov 1st 2022. I walked out on our side deck. A very strange circle above my tree line was stationary. Then there were more bright circles moving in the sky. I witnessed up to five at one point. I ran in and asked my wife to come look at these. We couldn't believe our eyes. I stated taking videos with my iphone. If you stop the video and zoom in. It looks like a large orb filled with energy. We were speechless and shaken up. The stationary orb was there until about 4:15 am. I have seen starlink before. This was not starlink!!!

2022-11-01 - Centerview, Missouri

Around 9:00 pm on Nov 1st 2022. I walked out on our side deck. A very strange circle above my tree line was stationary. Then there were more bright circles moving in the sky.I witnessed up to five at one point. I ran in and asked my wife to come look at these. We couldn't believe our eyes. I stated taking videos with my iphone. If you stop the video and zoom in. It looks like a large orb filled with energy. We were speechless and shaken up. The stationary orb was thee until about 4:15 am. I have seen starlink before. This was not starlink!!!

2022-09-19 - Henderson, Nevada

Me and a pilot friend of mine took our little cessna to Henderson Executive from Van Nuys Airport to pick up my sister after a music event. Had a great time. It was dark when we decided to fly back to Van Nuys. Did all our preps and took off. We were approximately halfway to Primm Valley when 1 bright yellow orb traveling so fast passed over my left wing. I asked my friend if he had a flash light on or something that could cause a reflection — nope. I checked the sky for arriving jets, however, they were too high for the strobes to cause the reflection (plus theyre strobes are white). Looked behind, my sister was sleeping. Looked ahead again and the orb again passed by my left wing. It was an experience, however, its a great risk for pilots encountering these situations. I don’t feel good sharing this story as it can be embarrassing. I share it to add to the numbers of reports to hasten the investigations because if such technology exist and it’s out of this world — hope it's not in my lifetime where chaos happens.

2022-07-23 - Show low, Arizona

Brilliant red circle began to form in the forward clouds. Once full, a triangle formed in the center. Just before the opening closed, an orb of light, not so much a craft, but possibly itself being light came through and glided around, then turned south and disappeared into the clouds. This is the latest.many other encounters..

2022-05-24 - Far rockaway , New York

My Blink home camera recorded a triangle shape UFO orbs. These are the same 3pointed triangle shape orbs when l lived at 167-19 Crocheron Ave and there l had experience UFO’s as well. It was so bad that after 7 years l moved to near location and they still followed.

2022-02-01 - Willacoochee, Georgia

MY SIGHTING Last year something happened to me that changed my life and the course of it. I had a very up close encounter with an aircraft that lasted over THREE minutes AT AN EXTREMELY CLOSE DISTANCE. The things I seen modern technology is simply not capable of. I reported the event the next day to the Georgia Forestry Commission in Kirkland, Ga. Earlier that day I was at my farm on the Springhead Road roughly 6-7 miles from Willacoochee, GA. I got a permit from the Georgia Forestry Commision and I was burned off the vegetation from underneath a 100 Acres of Planted Pines. We started the fire around lunch and it was supposed to be out by dark. However, the fire burned several hours after dark and thus the reason I did not report it at the time to anyone but the GFC. Around 10 PM, we went back to check fires from earlier that day around the center of our property (240 Acres Owned, 250 Acres Leased). We parked our truck under our barn near our bulldozer and was waiting for the fires to go out. A major stump pile caught up pretty well and the fire became extremely hot. It made the smoke above the creek canopy brighten up. The entire tree line began glow red and orange because of the smoke . That’s when we seen something, no more than 75 yards, levitating just above the trees. It followed the creek in the direction toward the big stump pile that was blazing. I immediately thought that the forestry sent a helicopter or a drone when lights began to shoot dead toward the ground. The fire would not jump from the area, but I was not supposed to be burning past sun down, due to smoke resting on the near by highways. So I was sure I was going to be in big trouble. WHAT WE SAW The object was clearly round like a basketball and completely turned invisible. We could make the outline of a void in the smoke the shape of a circle. This lasted for one minute. Then all of a sudden lights came straight down and lit up and entire acre of pine forest. The object turned completely 100% silver when the lights came on. The object then turned off the lights and headed to the stump pile. THAT’S WHEN WE SAW IT PERFECTLY As the aircraft got dead center over the top of the stump piles, it was still silver with the lights off. It descended down over the stump piles like it was trying to absorb the heat. It looked like a huge ball of mercury. It glowed an extreme shiny silver. When we crunk up our truck to get across the creek, the object left at the speed of light. It made zero noise the entire time. WHO I AM I am a business man and a family man. I’m not into theories or things that science can’t prove. But I know what I saw. I run a sizable company and have a lot of people counting on me. So I have stayed silent. I didn’t visit my property for four months after that day. It really shook me up. Since this has happened I have traveled the country this past year researching similar experiences. I have been to Utah alone over four times. I have seen an aircraft not from this world, extremely close up for a long period of time and the event completely changed my life. There is no question what we saw, it had no clue we was there. My farmhand and myself seen something that night that completely changed my life.

2021-12-30 - Winnebago, Illinois

The wife and I witnessed a blue green orb flying over us ,it was so clear

2021-09-27 - Bouse, Idaho

About a year ago I had lung cancer and they removed part of my lung.after two months of complications,they decided to scrub the inside of the removal area and I kept on having complications after that surgery and was just as my state was going up and I was starting to feel better when this happened! I heard the sound like a bird hitting the window upon looking out the window I saw three orbs that were in it's kind of a circle formation they started to do this formation of going in a circle around each other and then they all took off and disappeared and that was the end of that experience.third time in my life!

2021-08-31 - Las vegas, Nevada

Driving along highway 95 going from Beatty to Las Vegas on my way home from California I looked off to the left and noticed a redish white orb that kind of looked like a street light up ahead. When I past it or at least thought I past it the orb started moving at the same speed as me (above 60 mph) it went on like that for about 10 miles in distance and then disappeared just as fast as it appeared.to this day I still don't know what it was that was following along side of me.

2021-07-05 - New port richey, Florida

I was taking an early morning walk in my neighborhood and when I looked up to the sky, I saw two metal looking balls floating around and orbiting each other. They slowly moved over to a forested area, before disappearing- the metal balls appeared to have split into 4 balls, and then disappeared behind the forest. (I do not remember the exact date of when this happened, The date is just a guestimate, but I DO know that it took place in 2021)

2021-07-04 - Venice , Florida

On fourth of July last year, over Venice Florida 34293, I noticed a glowing orb moving around slowly, then after 35 seconds it started to go up, then disappeared! The orb was bright yellowish light, the object was around 2000 to 4000 ft above ground, and was the size of a pea at its distance. So I'm guessing it was probably pretty big of an object.

2021-05-23 - Chugiak, Alaska

Orb seen traveling E to W south of N Birchwood maybe 1000ft altitude seemed to wobble slowly disappeared into thin air as entering very small wispy cloud in otherwise clear sky

2021-05-05 - Worland, Wyoming

10:00pm Mountain Time, went outside to look at the sky. It was very clear, windless and I could see the stars amazingly well. Then I noticed a bright white round non-flickering orb. It came from the south and was moving silently through the sky towards the north. I watched it for about 3 minutes before it was out of sight. As it was veering off, I noticed a Second bright white round non-flickering orb in the sky. It was to the northwest of this first orb. It was moving upwards. It moved upwards until I could no longer see it. I have witnessed orb sightings in the Worland, Wyoming night skies ever since I moved here in April, 2016 so I have watched the night sky here for 5 years. The orbs are always bright white, non-flickering, round and move soundlessly until they're out of sight. I've wondered if they could be satellites. I don't know what a satellite looks like when it is flying through the sky. These orbs move faster than a plane, and appear to be right up there with the stars but move on the lower part of the horizon - not way up high. So their elevation appears to be a little higher than an average plane. They have no lights blinking on them. They have no exhaust fumes coming from them. I will continue to monitor the Worland night skies.

2021-01-22 - Lordsburg, New Mexico

Hello my name is Anthony I'm from Arizona but went down to visit my mother in Lordsburg New Mexico it was snowing at the time I was outside smoking a cigarette and was taking pictures and a UFO orb appeared within 20 ft of me was a bright light round and was moving floating 5 feet or so above the ground I took a picture of it!! it only lasted about 5 to 10 seconds before it disappeared this would be my third encounter

2020-06-30 - Mount gilead, Ohio

I saw a slightly plnk colored round orb,it hovered for a few seconds,then went to the right super fast,hovered there for a few second,then went back to its original spot,super fast,then in went down super fast,stayed there for a few seconds,then it came back up to its original spot,stayed there for a few seconds,then shot off to my left super fast,that is the last i saw of it. I’m not real sure of the date. I have never seen anything or know of anything that can go that fast.

2019-07-04 - Sebring, Florida

I was watching the fireworks When something caught my eye out to the right . a yellow Orange orb It looked kind of transparent I could see superstructures like it had an upper deck and a lower deck Absolutely no sound Moving North To South I watched it go behind a cloud I was going to get my phone but it was too late I went in the house and came back Out I continue to watch the fireworks And off to my right again A yellow Orange Object The same one Or one like it This time it continued on the same path as last time I could almost make out figures inside It kept moving very slowly And then seem to vaporize right before my eyes that's when my jaw dropped This can't be We do not have the technology Is to either cloak Is or phase into another existence To this day I remember every 2nd of it I'll never forget it.

2018-12-18 - Louisville, Kentucky

what im about to tell you will absolutlely blow you away. WE NOT ALONE. i have proof aliens do exist.i will tell you a short event that happen 12-10-2018. i was laying in bed and kept hearing a plane fly over and after flying what seemed to be a pattern it was flying every 10 min. or so. the craft was to low to be a commercial jet so went out on my porch to take a look.it was around 11 oclock and pitch dark outside. the first thing i noticed while waiting for the plane to fly over was tiny lights in the ceder trees about thirty yards away.while i was trying to figure out what it could be a tiny machine hoovered not 6 feet away no bigger than a bumblebee.i went back into the house and got my phone. the phone was brand new a (motorola z force) so i started videoing the strange things happening in front of me. all different kind of things were coming alive all around me. a heard the plane returning and waited to film it as it went over.the plane was shaped alot like our stealth fighters. i filmed it many times on that night.little round orbs about he size of a basketball maybe a little bigger floated silently not making a sound. i red ship apeared over the house in front of me it was about thirty or forty feet above it at this point i thought maybe the military was test new spy equipment.i videod all things around me till daylight that morning and they left. i had to go to work so i put down my phone and went to work. at work i couldnt think of nothing else than what i had experienced last night. when i took out my phone to replay the videos i learned that holding down the button that said record acually was taking a series of still photos lucky for us because they moved fast than the eye could see. all i seen were light then no light.i did get a series of photos of an accual alien when i went to investigate the lights in the tree. the alien had a bright light shaped as a four corner star on top of his head. i couldnt see that night what i was looking at at the time because the light was blinding every thing else. when i came across the photos of when i walked down to the trees it blew me away, i had photoed an alien.i am going to send a photo of the craft in front of my house. to get the rest of the photos someone needs to come and see me. thanks for your time. PS the only reason im showing someone is aliens are visiting our planet and they breath the same air we do. they have no space suit and look alot as we do only alot smaller. im wondering if there hear for a reason or just curiuss there tech. is way beyond ours there little ships are fast enough to bend light. contact me by email ill tell and show you much more. i dont want this to go public just yet there our things need to be done first and im not sure the public is ready for this.

2018-08-21 - Ape caves, Washington

My wife and I were camping on My St Helens and witnessed an orb dashing back and forth in the sky. We observed this for about 15 minutes and then suddenly it shot straight up out of sight.

2016-12-31 - Denver , Colorado

Getting out of the car going to a New Years party, I noticed a slow glowing orb white in color slowly rising far off in the distance in the sky over Denver, CO, then another one appears below it, then another, as each one got higher another would appear under in, until 6 or 7 glowing orbs were slowly going up towards space in a vertical line formation. This happened for about 5 minutes or so, then the leading orb disappeared, then shortly after the next highest orb disappeared, until the final one had disappeared, it was a total of around 10 minutes of time.

2013-12-09 - San luis, Colorado

While living off the land in San Luis, Colorado at approximately 11 pm, Colorado, my dog alerted me to look outside to observe a solid white ball or orb approximately 2000 feet above me my head looking at a 45 degree angle. Apparently my dog could hear it coming 7 seconds before I could see it, but not hear it. There was no afterburners or sound. The orb traveled from my location toward and past Mount Blanca that sat north of Fort Garland, Colorado. Mount Blanca was approximately 30 miles due North of me. The orb covered that distance in 2 seconds if not less. The size of the orb was about 60 feet in circumference if I had to guess, but it was just like a large cotton ball. About 12 days after the incident, I started to explain the strange incident to a couple of neighbors. When I got to the part about my dog's alerting me to look outside my structure they stopped me in mid story to ask if it was a white ball of light. I acknowledged yes and they said their dog reacted the same way. It would not be until 2016 the US Govt acknowledged the same sightings. I wonder if they are aware animals can sense the UFOs in transient? Then Christmas Eve 2013 approximately 13 days later at approximately 7 pm, while on the phone with my brother I observed on the earth's outer atmosphere what I thought was a shooting star at first (obviously a meteor glancing the atmosphere) but then the object made a major change in direction as if a backwards cursive #7. So it moved south to north then abruptly switched back south briefly and curved eastward before disappearing making a backward cursive numerical 7. If I had to toss out a distance on the outer edge of our planet this object traveled in 2 seconds I would guess 2,000 miles but its not accurate. A friend suggested years latter who worked in the aviation industry that perhaps one explanation could be that two objects had a near collision and averted disaster to explain one object pulling out of our atmosphere and another having to dive briefly into our atmosphere to avoid collision before pulling back out of our atmosphere.

2012-12-31 - Detroit, Michigan

Actually it was 2012 turning into 2013. I saw three bright lights that looked like stars in the night. This is their White Energy Phase, which seems to indicate that they are benign. I started waving at them but they ignored me. Two more came up behind them and this time when I started waving they paused and came towards each other as if communicating. A jet flew over us and they both dimmed into black blobs of squirming darkness. As I watched they separated and came towards me. One of them flew directly over me and it was a black cloud of static coming to rest over a house. This tv static just seemed to solidify as I watched. It took the shape of a flying saucer, completely black and enveloped in black tv static. Electrons would look like this if we could see them. As it slowly floated away the other one came out of nowhere. It was one of those red orange Orbs so often seen. It was bouncing in the air like a basketball. It looked just like a hydrogen atom, from the photos taken. It slipped behind the trees and the last I saw of them all five were bright lights again heading towards the fireworks in Detroit. That only indicates that when they feel threatened they will change shape, color and possibly solidify. A few days later they were seen in California.

2011-00-00 - Rayville, Louisiana

Saucer shaped object on the ground for more than an hour. About two miles south of Rayville LA. 60 meters from my front door. My whole family was watching. I walked out to the object, to get a better look. The object was giving off a bright light. With red, blue, green and amber lights moving all over the outside of the object. It seemed that the object was giving off the light and glowing itself. As I got about 25 meters from it I saw an aluminized being moving towards me. I could only make out a bipedal form that seemed to give off its own light. It was about 6,7,feet tall, and walking toward me slowly. At that time my dog ran at the being barking and growling at it. Just before the dog reached it,everything disappeared. But the dog continued as though it were chasing something across the field. At no time were there any noise coming from the object or anything else except the dog. I've never seen anything like this before, but about a week later I saw an orange orb,slowly come down out of the clouds, stop for a few seconds as I watched it. Then slowly go back up into the the clouds. All of this happened about 12 years ago. My wife and 4 children were witnesses as well.

1998-03-01 - Reisterstown, Maryland

This is an old even that happened to me in the spring of 1998 in Reisterstown, Maryland. I was driving home around midnight in a residential area. There were houses on both sides of the street. All of a sudden I noticed three red orbs about 20 feet above the homes to my left. I pulled my vehicle over, got out, and looked up at these three orbs. They were moving around almost as if they were playing a game of tag with each other, or searching for something on the ground. Very sporadic motions. As they were flying around each other they were also slowly moving east and getting further away. I got back in the vehicle after a few minutes, in an attempt to follow. I tried to follow the orbs but they took a different path than the road and I lost sight of them. My closest point to them was approximately 50 feet. I would estimate they were the size of beach balls and glowed a deep amber color. I don't remember the exact date but it was spring of 1998.

1997-03-13 - Julian, California

I went to JTNP late after work from Long Beach, CA. Was planning a 3 day weekend as I did a lot then. When arriving at the park the campgrounds were full, by law you can camp at least 1 mile from the roads....So that was my plan and had done numerous times as the park is very busy in the spring when weather is mild. I drove to a pull off near the Lost Horse Mine Rd on Keys View Rd where I packed my backpack, put it on, locked my truck, lit a cigarette and began to hike across the open alluvial flat to find a spot to stay the night. After about 10 minutes I put my cigarette out and continued about another 200 feet before happening to look back. When I did there was what I thought a bush burning right where I had put out my cigarette... I immediately dropped my pack, grabbed a Nalgene bottle of water and started running back towards where I thought I must have started a fire with the cigarette. As I got close the orangeish ball of light moved very quickly away as I approached. I froze in disbelief/confusion. The orb of fire colored light started panning around me after first moving directly away from me running at it. My next thought was it was someone with a laser pen playing with me (They were around at that time but I think in red, green and blue only but?). As it kept panning slowly around me (Maybe 200-300 feet away now) I noticed that it went behind a Joshua tree and the in front of another..... It was at that moment that I realized it was no laser as to be in front of one tree and behind another in close distance it must be emitting it's own light. Basically, I was convinced someone was playing a trick on me with a laser but when it was behind and then in front of a tree debunked triangulating someone from a fixed position (There are tall mountains very close by). The orb continued moving at a slow fixed speed doing a 3/4 circle around me, stopped for a few seconds and then shot away almost instantaneously to the south and gaining altitude. It was out of sight in less than 3 seconds. It was a perfectly clear desert night.... So, that equates to an unimaginable speed and it had no "start up". It went to "light speed" (used as a reference) immediately. I obviously left the area and upon returning home on Sunday night and telling my brother he said that there were sightings in Phoenix. The famous Phoenix Lights sightings the same night. This orb was very small. stayed about 3-4 feet off the ground. Made zero noise the entire time. Looked just like fire but round. No hyper defined edges but looked perfectly round. Left under unimaginable speeds. I know what I saw. It was not ball lightning. To make things worse I just saw another orb but larger, I believe basketball or beachball sized. This time I was over 300 yards away and was seen for just a few seconds. This sighting was this last October on the flanks of the Inyo Mountains just after sunset near Mazourka Canyon. Independence, CA would be the nearest town. I cant say with certainty that this second sighting was a UFO but the first was so close and happened for such a long time and was reacting to me that Im SURE it was a UFO.

1997-03-13 - Julian, California

I went to JTNP late after work from Long Beach, CA. Was planning a 3 day weekend as I did a lot then. When arriving at the park the campgrounds were full, by law you can camp at least 1 mile from the roads....So that was my plan and had done numerous times as the park is very busy in the spring when weather is mild. I drove to a pull off near the Lost Horse Mine Rd on Keys View Rd where I packed my backpack, put it on, locked my truck, lit a cigarette and began to hike across the open alluvial flat to find a spot to stay the night. After about 10 minutes I put my cigarette out and continued about another 200 feet before happening to look back. When I did there was what I thought a bush burning right where I had put out my cigarette... I immediately dropped my pack, grabbed a Nalgene bottle of water and started running back towards where I thought I must have started a fire with the cigarette. As I got close the orangeish ball of light moved very quickly away as I approached. I froze in disbelief/confusion. The orb of fire colored light started panning around me after first moving directly away from me running at it. My next thought was it was someone with a laser pen playing with me (They were around at that time but I think in red, green and blue only but?). As it kept panning slowly around me (Maybe 200-300 feet away now) I noticed that it went behind a Joshua tree and the in front of another..... It was at that moment that I realized it was no laser as to be in front of one tree and behind another in close distance it must be emitting it's own light. Basically, I was convinced someone was playing a trick on me with a laser but when it was behind and then in front of a tree debunked triangulating someone from a fixed position (There are tall mountains very close by). The orb continued moving at a slow fixed speed doing a 3/4 circle around me, stopped for a few seconds and then shot away almost instantaneously to the south and gaining altitude. It was out of sight in less than 3 seconds. It was a perfectly clear desert night.... So, that equates to an unimaginable speed and it had no "start up". It went to "light speed" (used as a reference) immediately. I obviously left the area and upon returning home on Sunday night and telling my brother he said that there were sightings in Phoenix. The famous Phoenix Lights sightings the same night. This orb was very small. stayed about 3-4 feet off the ground. Made zero noise the entire time. Looked just like fire but round. No hyper defined edges but looked perfectly round. Left under unimaginable speeds. I know what I saw. It was not ball lightning. To make things worse I just saw another orb but larger, I believe basketball or beachball sized. This time I was over 300 yards away and was seen for just a few seconds. This sighting was this last October on the flanks of the Inyo Mountains just after sunset near Mazourka Canyon. Independence, CA would be the nearest town. I cant say with certainty that this second sighting was a UFO but the first was so close and happened for such a long time and was reacting to me that Im SURE it was a UFO.

1980-01-04 - El paso, Texas

In early 1980 I was driving to work taking the back road that stopped before the railroad tracks. It was pitch black at night around 11:30 pm. When I stopped at the stop sign before turning right, I noticed a bright round light hovering over the tracks. I thought at first it was the trains headlight, but it was too high up about 50 ft. I sat there starring at it when I saw it start to move slowly. I then flashed my headlights and it stopped moving. So I started to turn right and noticed it started moving too. So I stopped and it stopped, I again started moving and it started moving. I stopped again and it stopped. My heart was racing so I took off down the road fast and it started moving with me. I was driving by warehouses and buildings and it was behind the buildings so I sped up until I saw it in-between the buildings and at that point I saw flashing lights on the bottom of the light orb. I could not see anything but the bright orb and I remember not seeing the ground light up underneath. All I could see was a bright light following me and acknowledging that it knew I was watching it. But when I saw flashing lights under the orb I knew it had to be a craft of some kind. I also had rolled down my window to see if I could hear it but it was dead silent and that was confusing to me at the time. After seeing it between the buildings I drove as fast as I can to get another look in-between the buildings but as I reached the end of the road at the stop light it was gone. And I have been looking up at the night sky ever since. I remember that night in vivid detail.

1976-09-15 - Lodi, California

3 orbs 50 ft away 4 ft round.  

1976-09-15 - Lodi, California

3 orbs 50 ft away 4 ft round.

1972 - San francisco, California

In 1972 I lived at Franklin & Broadway st in San Francisco, California, USA. There had been a couple of old Victorian homes removed from the corner so I could see clearly across Franklin st, Westward. I was walking my dog and entered a church basketball court, there was a flat roofed 2 story building on the West side. I was standing about 5 ft from a basketball hoop, and looking up I saw something moving at the edge of the roof. Suddenly a silver colored craft with a very tall fin emerged about 20-25 ft, almost over my head. Then a second craft dropped beside it, apparently it was at the side of the first and it rocked side to side slightly. Shaped like a clam shell with a protruding rim, silent with a sort of orange, electric aura shimmering around the craft . I literally could have hit them with a rock if I had thought of it but I was rooted in place. I realized this was real and I was both elated and frightened not knowing what all of this meant to me and my very close proximity to both craft. They hovered for about 10 seconds then took off, climbing the side of a ten story building across Franklin St, snapping 90 degrees at the edge of the roof, flying across it and in a few seconds appeared a 2 stacked orange orbs. There had been many varied UAP sightings in SF during this time and I sighted several different types, including one that was transparent green and about 30-50 ft in diameter but this was an actual 4th level encounter and the only one I can certify to have been accurate & real.

- Chesterfield, New Jersey

Driving in car with daughter from soccer practice single large bright white orb like glow shoots up in sky. After about a minute object just disappears. First thought was a plane since close to Phili, trenton, and newark but light was too bright and glow was too large. I checked for any rocket launches reports or military activity known to public since I am very close to Joint Base McGuire–Dix–Lakehurst. We are used to seeing military aircraft from our farm field and definitely was not one I have ever seen. I am reporting since population is obviously dense in tri-state area and we could not be the only one's that saw this object, just curious to what it was. Object attributes that piqued my curiosity in relation to my current aviation knowledge: 1. starting position - from our horizon line it looked to start from our perspective 1500 ft 2. trajectory - vertical ~ 80 degrees 3. velocity - increasing at high rate. 4. visibility - object rises and just disappears from sight with no visual fading effect 5. size - object from visual perspective high in sky looked to be size between softball and basketball. 6. color attribute - white, blueshift appearance between 4000K and 5700K

- Columbus, Ohio

I was walking home in the rain coming back from the store close by on the south side of Columbus Ohio. I have had contact with three extraterrestrials through telepathy and I thought I was going crazy I tried telling people what was going on and no one believed me but I got my first piece of evidence walking back from the store a few days ago in the rain in front of me was an orb approximately 8 or 9 ft in diameter and it was floating in front of me it was invisible but you could see the rain bouncing off of it I was amazed by because the terrestrials for telling me what I was seeing and also I have audio and video footage of them talking to me you have to know what you're looking at and you really have to pay attention to what you're listening to I can give a better detailed description of what they're saying who they are what they're doing and what their plans are if anybody is interested I need to get this information out to somebody that can possibly get this phenomenal experience to stop this is not pleasant for me they keep me awake spray chemicals on my food they give me nightmares they shock me in my sleep they make me miserable in any way they can if anybody is interested in contacting me about the footage I have please know that you would have to be able to hear the audio in person for some reason when I send the video to someone else you can't hear it you can only see what they're doing and mind you they are invisible you can see their energy and the things they do to the camera like I said I have lots of information and if you're interested please email me at b i l l c o l e m a n 2nd@gmail.com or send me a text at 614-316-8089 I'm interested in making this public

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